Bing. Gotta love you.

Bing, Bing, Bing. Gotta love you because you are my laptop’s default browser.

And I loved you even more when I saw that our company website recently arose to position #1 in the Bing local listings for a very competitive industry keyword phrase.

But delight turned to “horrors!” when I clicked on the listing’s website and discovered that it linked to an old domain – one that Ad Ventures had retired at least 8 years ago!

Coincidentally – and this is a HUGE coincidence: Our Bing pin number to confirm our Bing updates just happened to arrive in the mail that same day. It is a big coincidence, because we submitted our requests for a local listing update several months ago….

After entering the pin, the long-awaited updates took only 3 days to appear. And there’s our correct website URL, still in that premium #1 position.

I’m rallying for you Bing to keep doing good things, not just for searchers but for businesses too.