New Beginnings

Two days ago, at 3:00 in the morning, I awoke to find my Siamese cat, Molly, on the deck with a dead white duck. Molly proudly looked up at me, saw my disdain, and immediately took cover under the wicker chair.
I snatched her, slammed the pet door closed with her safely inside, and went back to bed. But all I could think of is how the pond I visit every day would be short one duck. There are always 12. Now there would be only 11. These ducks are like my personal pets; I visit them almost daily while walking my dogs.
The next day, I went to the deck to retrieve the duck and was taken aback at what I saw. It wasn’t a duck, but a beautiful white dove. Even as it lay lifeless.
I swear I had never seen a more beautiful bird. I was so saddened over the loss of its life.
I looked up the meaning and symbolism of white doves – both alive and dead. There are many meanings, but the main meaning seemed to be: “new beginnings.”
That day I skipped my daily walk to the pond.
But today, I took my two pups for a walk around the pond where the ducks, turtles and large goldfish live. They are a source of true joy for me. And I often count the ducks in the pond, curious why the number always remains at 12, never more, never less.
But today on my walk, I was distracted. The path was extra busy with lots of walkers and kids. I only glanced at the ducks.
As I circled around the pond, something in the pond caught my eye. And I stopped in my tracks and began excitedly counting. One, two, ten, 20…I counted 80. There were 80 ducks! All swimming every which way in the pond. It was probably my 500th walk around that pond in almost two years. But today, there were not a dozen ducks, but 80!!
Coincidence in timing?